The cutest way to say I miss you in Thai

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Vocabulary

There are a few ways to say I miss you in Thai. Let me list down 3 ways from most formal, cutest, to friendliest.

Later, I will give you expressions so you can finally use them with someone you love.

To say “miss you” by itself is คิดถึง (kít tĕung).

I miss you in Thai

Most formal:

  • I miss you (a woman saying it)
    chăn kít tĕung kun

  • I miss you (a man saying it)
    pŏm kít tĕung kun

This is a very formal way of saying I miss you in Thai. There are lots of pronouns in Thai and using ฉัน/ผม คุณ Is the most formal way to say I and you in Thai.


  • Miss you _name_ na
    คิดถึง _name_ นะ
    kít tĕung _name_
    (replace _name_ with the name of the person you miss)

Example: kít tĕung Grace ná

The นะ at the end is a particle that makes the sentence sound cute.

Friendliest/most informal

  • I miss you
    goo kít tĕung meung

In Thai, we have an informal pronoun for close friends and for informal situations. Here กู (goo) means I, มึง (meung) means you. Please read my article on swear words and insults for more information.


These are expressions you can use while telling someone you miss them. Simply add any of the above ways to say “I miss you” at the end.

  • Do you know that I … [miss you]
    ter róo măi wâa…

  • I want to tell you that I… [miss you]
    chăn yàak jà bòk ter wâa…

  • I have something I want to tell you, that is… [miss you]
    ฉันมีสิ่งที่อยากจะบอกเธอ นั่นคือ
    chăn mee sìng têe yàak jà bòk ter nân keu…

Watch the video explanation here and download the Thai transcript

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