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There are not many resources for intermediate/advanced students. We have material for all levels and focus on everyday spoken Thai.


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Airplane and Airport vocabulary in Thai

In this article, I will teach you many vocabularies related to airplanes and airports in Thai....

Possessive Pronouns in Thai

Possessive pronouns are, for example, "My mom", "Mom's cat", "Your car", etc. In Thai, it's very...

Third person pronouns in Thai (he, she) | “She” isn’t “Ter”!

Third person pronouns in Thai are not hard but can be a little bit confusing. In this article, we...

Uses of เนี่ย (nîia)

เนี่ย (nîia) is a very useful commonly used Thai particle that you must know to sound like a Thai....

Different ways to say “You” in Thai (Second person Pronouns in Thai) | Not just ‘kun’

If you have studied Thai, then you know that คุณ (kun) means "you". But did you know there are...

How to say “I/me” Like a Thai (Personal Pronouns in Thai) | Not just chan and pom!

If you have learned Thai from a book, you would see that ฉัน (chăn) and ดิฉัน (dì-chăn) is "I" for...

Garden words and vegetables in Thai

In this article, I will cover many useful words you need to know regarding garden words and...

Learning Thai using transliteration – GOOD or BAD?

Learning to read Thai characters is a challenge. Because of this, many Thai learners try to avoid...

Thai idiom you must know – เดินตามผู้ใหญ่หมาไม่กัด

In This article, we will talk about an important idiom that all Thai people know. Therefore, you...

Interview with a foreigner who learned to speak fluent Thai Download the transcript for the video here. In the video...


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