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There are not many resources for intermediate/advanced students. We have material for all levels and focus on everyday spoken Thai.


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Beach Related vocabulary in Thai Download the transcript of the video here: Video Thai...

Swimming related words in Thai

Swimming is a great activity to do in Thailand. Since Thailand is so hot, swimming can be a great...

Difference between เอา, มี, and อยาก

So many of my students get confused with the words เอา, อยาก, and มี (ao, yàak, and mee). In this...

How to say there is and there are in Thai | Meaning of มี

In this article, we are going to learn all the definitions of มี (mee) including there is and...

Bathroom words in Thai

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Vocabulary related to golf in Thai 🏌️‍♂️

Thailand has a lot of great golf courses. In fact, I worked with many Koreans who come to Thailand...

How to wish a happy Chinese New year in Thai

Another important new year other than Songkran and 1st January that is celebrated in Thailand is...


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Content for Beginners

I have the best courses to help you go from complete newbie to conversational.   SPEAK THAI FROM DAY1!

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Intermediate & Advanced Courses

Although there is a lot of content for beginners, there is a shortage of content for the intermediate & advanced students.
Get to the next level with our courses and LEARN THAI THROUGH THAI!

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Self Learning Videos & Audios

Check out my free resources and get lots of practice with listening real spoken Thai.