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Prepositions of place in Thai

Let's learn some prepositions of place in Thai such as on, in, below, in front of, behind, between, etc. ข้าง (kâang) and ด้าน (dâan) both mean "side". So, in the following examples, you will see different ways to say the same thing. บน (bon) = on top of/above The dog...

Learn many words with ห้อง

ห้อง (hông) by itself means room. However, in Thai, ห้อง is the classifier for rooms, so it is used as a component in many different words. For many of them, if you know both components, you can guess the word. You’ll see many examples below! Words with ห้อง hông...

Don’t travel to Thailand without knowing these 10 verbs

Are you planning to visit Thailand? Here are 10 very useful and common Thai verbs related to traveling that you should know before coming. 1. To go = ไป bpai How are you going to Chiang Mai?คุณจะไปเชียงใหม่ยังไงkun jà bpai chiang-mài yang...

Finding Consistency as a language learner

After thousands of classes of teaching, I am no longer excited when I see students that learn fast because I know that they will probably quit sooner or later. I am more excited when I see students that are consistent because I know that this is the personality that...

How to say to fix in Thai? Difference between ซ่อม and แก้ไข

If you look for the word "Fix" in a Thai dictionary, you will come across 2 words ซ่อม (sôm) and แก้ไข (gâe kăi). Do you know the difference between these words? in this article, I will explain the difference and when to use each. Quick Summary: ซ่อม (sôm) is used...

How to say to be nosy in Thai (ยุ่ง, เสือก, เผือก)

There are many different ways to say to be nosy in Thai and many expressions to say please don't be nosy, don't mess with me, etc. Let's take a look together. The following words and expressions are listed from most polite to least polite. อยากรู้อยากเห็นเรื่องคนอื่น...

Animal sounds in Thai (Onomatopoeia)

Here, I list the 17 most common onomatopoeia for animal sounds in Thai. You will notice that in Thai, animals make different sounds as compared to English. For example, in English, dogs say "woof" but in Thai they say "bók". Or ducks say "quack" in English but "gáap"...

Where would you prefer to be born? (Thai listening practice)

Practice your Thai listening skills with this conversation question “Where would you prefer to be born?”. Follow along by reading the transcript. Transcript: ถ้าคุณเลือกเกิดใหม่ได้คุณจะเกิดประเทศไหน...

How to talk about the weather in Thai

Talking about the weather is a good starting point for any conversation. In this article, I will tell you all the vocabulary you need to know to be able to talk about the weather in Thai. Vocabulary about weather in Thai Weather, air: อากาศ aa-gàatGood weather:...

Learn how to say the Organs in Thai Language

In this article, I will teach you the vocabulary for the organs in Thai. Organs in Thai Brain : สมอง sà-mŏngSkull : กะโหลก gà-lòhkThyroid : ไทรอยด์ tai-roiRibs : ซี่โครง sêe krohngLiver : ตับ dtàpKidney : ไต taiHeart : หัวใจ hŭa jaiLungs : ปอด bpòtTendons : เส้นเอ็น...


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