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There are not many resources for intermediate/advanced students. We have material for all levels and focus on everyday spoken Thai.


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Uses of เนี่ย (nîia)

เนี่ย (nîia) is a very useful commonly used Thai particle that you must know to sound like a Thai....

Different ways to say “You” in Thai (Second person Pronouns in Thai) | Not just ‘kun’

If you have studied Thai, then you know that คุณ (kun) means "you". But did you know there are...

How to say “I/me” Like a Thai (Personal Pronouns in Thai) | Not just chan and pom!

If you have learned Thai from a book, you would see that ฉัน (chăn) and ดิฉัน (dì-chăn) is "I" for...

Garden words and vegetables in Thai

In this article, I will cover many useful words you need to know regarding garden words and...

Learning Thai using transliteration – GOOD or BAD?

Learning to read Thai characters is a challenge. Because of this, many Thai learners try to avoid...

Thai idiom you must know – เดินตามผู้ใหญ่หมาไม่กัด

In This article, we will talk about an important idiom that all Thai people know. Therefore, you...

Interview with a foreigner who learned to speak fluent Thai Download the transcript for the video here. In the video...

How my Brazilian Muay Thai teacher inspired me to be a better language learner

Martial art is a form of art, so is language learning For the last 4 months, I have been living in...

Thai idiom you must know – หนีเสือปะจระเข้

In This article, we will talk about one of the most important idioms that all Thai people know....

Interview with Kru Grace – Helpful Tips for Thai students of all levels In this video, I was interviewed by my boyfriend (he...


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Although there is a lot of content for beginners, there is a shortage of content for the intermediate & advanced students.
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