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How to say Where in Thai | Difference between ที่ไหน ตรงไหน อยู่ไหน ไหน ที่นี่ ตรงนี้

Many people are a little vexed by the word Where in Thai. Because what they learned from the book is not what they hear when talking to locals. Let me help you... ที่ไหน têe năi This is the most standard form of the word 'where'. In language books and simple...

Different ways to say happy in Thai

There are a couple of different ways to express that you are happy in Thai. Let’s learn what they are and any differences between them. Happy มีความสุข mee kwaam sùk มีความสุข (mee kwaam sùk) is the direct equivalent of "to be happy" in Thai. มี (mee) by itself means...

Arachnids and Insects in Thai – Complete List

I recently wrote my article regarding animals in Thai and it inspired me to write this one regarding arachnids and insects in Thai. A common mistake that even Thai people make are thinking arachnids and insects are the same. Insects in general is แมลง (má-laeng)....

Different ways to say sad in Thai

There are a couple of different ways to express that you are sad in Thai. Let's learn what they are and any differences between them. Sad - เศร้า sâo The equivalent word of sad in Thai is เศร้า sâo. Examples: Is your mom sad?แม่เศร้าหรอmâe-sâo rŏrWas he sad after his...

Different ways to say ‘to steal in Thai’ | (ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์)

Let's learn the differences between ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์ (kà-moi, bplôn, jêe, wîng raao, ching sáp) in order to say to rob, to snatch, to steal in Thai. ขโมย (kà-moi) / ลัก (lák) ขโมย (kà-moi) has two meaning. The first meaning is a thief, someone who...

How to say a lot and very in Thai (มาก เยอะ หลาย)

There are 3 words to express many, much, a lot, very in Thai which often causes confusion. Here I will explain the usage of มาก, เยอะ, หลาย (mâak, yúh, lăai) so you can use the correct one properly. มาก  mâak One of the meanings of มาก (mâak) is to say 'very'....

Colors in Thai (Detailed list)

Let's take a look at 25 different colors in Thai. สี (sĕe) by itself means color, that's why you see it before every word. * In order to say light ..., or dark .... (ex. light blue, or dark blue) you just need to add ...อ่อน or ...เข้ม (òn or kâym)...

Complete list of Animals in Thai

Let's learn some vocabulary about animals in Thai. In general, Animal in Thai is สัตว์ sàt. Table Of ContentsPets สัตว์เลี้ยง sàt líangAnimals in the FARM สัตว์ในฟาร์ม sàt nai faamAnimals with wings สัตว์ปีก (sàt bpèek)Land Animals สัตว์บก sàt bòkLiving...

Vehicles in Thai

In this article, I will teach you all the vocabulary you need to know about vehicles in Thai. You will know what any vehicle you see is called. Let's start with the easiest word and it is the general word for car and vehicle. The word is รถ rót. You will see รถ rót as...

Here, There, Over there in Thai

Let's learn how to say here, there, and over there in Thai. Here ที่นี่ ที่นี่ (têe nêe) means here. ที่ (têe) is short for สถานที่ (sà-tăan têe) which means location. นี่ (têe) by itself means this. So ที่นี่ is literally "location this" meaning "here". Examples: I...


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