Thai swear words and insults. A complete guide to basic Thai swearing for foreigners.

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Thai swear words are often used among friends and especially among family members in a provincial area. Here I will tell you some of my personal stories while giving you guidelines on how to use Thai swear words.

First I want to teach you the word that I use the most:

อะไรวะ à-rai = What the Hell!

It is impolite but used often because you don’t have to be specific. You can be talking to yourself about the bad situation that happened. If no one heard it then it’s not considered impolite no?

Commonly used insult titles and pronouns

Below I bring you a list of commonly used insult titles and pronouns in the table.

Insult titlesUsage and meaning
ไอ้ âiPut this word in front of a man’s name to sound impolite
อี eePut this word in front of a woman’s name to sound impolite
มึง  meungThis is a way of saying “You” in an impolite way
กู gooThis is a way of saying “I” in an impolite way

My family usually doesn’t use swear words. When my parents fight. They start using มึง  meung, กู goo to say I and you. That’s when I know that things got serious and my dad will start shouting. It’s kind of unfair because my mom always forbids me to use bad words.

I remember one time I said ไอ้จ๋าย âi jăai (that’s my brother’s name). My mother made a sound in her mouth meaning don’t use that word with my brother so I stopped. In fact, I was just copying how my parents call my brother. They say ไอ้จ๋าย âi jăai sometimes but when they say it with their tone of voice it’s not an insult. It’s because they find my brother cute. It means more like small little bastard, little cutie I wanna smack your butt cause you are too cute kinda feeling.

Thai Swear Words

ไอ้ âi and อี ee words

Here are few words that can turn in to insult when attached to ไอ้ âi and อี ee.

❗️ Remember that ไอ้ âi is used for men, อี ee is used for women.

ไอ้/อีบ้า âi/ee bâaYou Crazy!
ไอ้/อีหน้าโง่ âi/ee nâa ngôhYou Stupid face!
ไอ้/อีติ้งต๊อง âi/ee  dtíng-dtóngYou Nuts!
ไอ้/อีเฮงซวย âi/ee  hayng suayYou Bastard! (literally means bad luck)

When I was in university. I would hear the word มึง meung, กู goo everywhere. Most of my friends use this on a daily basis. Not when they are angry but in everyday life. Simply replacing I and you with มึง  meung and กู goo.

If one day you find a friend where you can freely use มึง  meung, กู goo on a daily basis, just know that you can use words like You Crazy, You stupid face, etc as a form of a funny comical joke. This can add to the richness of your vocabulary but before you get to that level, I rather you not use the insult words as a joke.

Animals as insults

Did you know that Thai People use animals as insults too?

Thai insult animalMeaning
ไอ้/อีหมู âi/ee mŏoYou Pig! (fat or eat too much)
ไอ้/อีควาย âi/ee kwaaiYou Water buffalo! (stupid)
ไอ้/อีเหี้ย âi/ee hîaYou salamander! (fuck you)
อีหอย (female only) ee hŏi You clam! (หอย has double meaning: pussy and clam)
ไอ้/อีสัตว์ âi/ee sàtYou animal! (fuck you)
อีแรด ee râet You Rhino! (you are so bitchy)

When I go to my mother’s home town which is 4 hours away from Bangkok I stay with my uncle’s family. They have quite a big family. Some of them work in an ice factory, some sell food in the market.

They swear on a daily basis. I hear the words You Water Buffalo!, You salamander!, You animal so often that I feel like if I live with them, soon those words will not be bad word anymore.


Now, let’s take a look a some intensifiers. In English, there are words like very, freaking, etc… The same in Thai too. Let me map them down for you.

very –> really–> super–> freaking –> fucking

มาก –> จริงๆ –> สุดๆ –> โคตร –> แม่งโคตร

Keep reading and I will show you the usage of โคตร and แม่งโคตร

Your Mother and Your father as Thai swear words

Did you know that Your mother and Your father can become bad words too?

Insult wordsMeaning
แม่มึง (mâe meung) or บ้านแม่มึง (bâan mâe meung)used as a bad word to snap right back at somebody
แม่ง (mâeng) (shortened from แม่มึง)use as an intensifier
พ่อมึง (pôr meung) or บ้านพ่อมึง (bâan pôr meung)used as a bad word to snap right back at somebody


Let’s take a look at some examples of these very common Thai swear words.

  • Wow, the weather today is freaking nice.
    โห วันนี้แม่งอากาศดีวะ
    hŏh · wan née mâeng aa-gàat-sà-dee wá

  • Can you please not freaking say that?
    mâeng yàa pôot bàep née dâai bpà

  • She is damn good!
    mâeng kôht gàyng

  • A) You are so stupid do you even realize?
    มึงแม่งโง่วะ รู้ตัวไหมเนี่ย
    meung mâeng ngôh wá · róo dtua măi nîa

    B) It’s your dad who is stupid! I’m not stupid!
    พ่อมึงแหละโง่ กูไม่โง่โว้ย
    pôr meung làe ngôh · goo mâi ngôh wói

  • A) It’s so painful!
    mâeng kôht-rá-jèp loie wá

    B) What do you mean painful, the wound is so small. (Literally: Painful at your mother’s house.)
    เจ็บบ้านแม่มึงอะดิ แผลเล็กนิดเดียวเอง
    jèp bâan mâe meung à dì · plăe-lék-nít-dieow ayng

More Thai insults and swear words

Below are the rest of the List of Thai swear words and insults that are frequently used:

ไอ้/อีหน้าด้าน âi ee-nâa-dâanThick face!
เย็ด yétfuck!
เย็ด แม่ง yét mâengfuck your mother (motherfucker)
ไอ้/อีเปรต âi ee bpràytfuck you! (Literally low-level ghost)
ควย kuaycock / dick
อม ควย om kuaysuck my dick
อีร้อยควย ee rói kuay100 dick woman (slut!)
อี/ไอ้ถ่อย ee âi tòievil! bad person!
อี/ไอ้บ้า ee âi bâacrazy person!
อีดอกทอง ee dòk tongfuck you (for woman)
หี hĕepussy
หอย hŏipussy
หีหมา hĕe măadog pussy
ไอ้/อีชาติชั่ว âi ee châat chûaBad person!
ขี้ kêeshit, poop
ตอแหล dtor-lăebullshit
ฉิบหาย chìp-hăaiDamn!, total disaster!, shit!

If you want to express “fuck it!” in Thai, one way is ช่างหัวมัน! (châang hŭa man). Please see the article I wrote for examples.

If you just want to sound rude in General then you can use SA! ซะ after a verb as explained here.

In the following example, suppose you are on the phone with your best friend that just backstabbed you by talking badly about your girlfriend. This is an example of how the conversation would go:


  • Motherfucker! How could you say that to my girlfriend? Bullshit! Go suck dick, yeah you, suck my dick! Motherfucker! Pussy! You said we are friends. Fuck you, I don’t fucking believe you anymore. We are freaking friends, you bullshit! Fuck!

    เย็ดแม่ง มึงแม่งพูดอย่างนั้นกับแฟนกูได้ไงวะ ไอ้ตอแหล ไปอมควยไป มึงแหละ ใช่มึงแหละ อมควยกู เย็ดแม่ง อีหอย ไหนบอกว่าเป็นเพื่อนกัน ไอ้สัตว์ กูไม่เชื่อมึงอีกแล้ว เป็นเพื่อนบ้านพ่อมึงดิ ไอ้ตอแหล เหี้ย!

    yét mâeng meung mâeng pôot yàang nán gàp faen goo dâai ngai wá âi dtor-lăe bpai om kuay bpai meung làe châi meung làe om kuay goo yét mâeng ee hŏi năi bòk wâa bpen pêuan gan âi sàt goo mâi chêua meung èek láew bpen pêuan bâan pôr meung dì âi dtor-lăe hîa


This is all you need to know about Thai swear words and insults. Use them only if you have friends that use them around you because if you just randomly use these words then Thai people will think badly about you.

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