Learn the meanings of ขี้

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Vocabulary

ขี้ (kêe) has 2 meanings.

The first meaning is poop 💩. I will explain the second meaning more in-depth.

The second meaning of ขี้ (kêe) can’t be translated directly to English. ขี้ is a prefix for adjectives that is used when negatively describing someone’s characteristics. Meaning the person is constantly being that way.
The pattern looks like this: ขี้(+ lazy), ขี้ (+ stingy), ขี้ (+ envious), etc.

Some examples should clear this up.

Being bad-tempered is a negative trait, so If a person is always bad-tempered you would call them ขี้โกรธ (kêe-gròht). โกรธ by itself means angry so if you want to describe someone as always being bad-tempered you say they are ขี้โกรธ.

  • Forgetful: ขี้ลืม kêe leum

  • Jealous: ขี้หึง kêe hĕung

  • Loser: ขี้แพ้ kêe páe

  • Stingy: ขี้เหนียว kêe nĭeow

  • Lazy: ขี้เกียจ kêe gìat

I hope you now know the meanings of ขี้ (kêe) and know how to correctly use it to describe someone.

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