Are you smart enough to learn languages?

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Language Learning

Common questions I get from many of my students are “Am I smart enough to learn a language?”, “Am I smart enough to learn Thai?”, “Why am I learning so slow?”.

Consistency is key when learning languages

My answer to that question is always, the important thing is consistency and developing a habit of studying.

I’ve had many students, many of which are very talented and smart. I am sure they could learn Thai faster than some of my other students. But what ends up happening is they stop learning. They learn for a few weeks or months, but then they stop. On the other hand, I’ve had students who might not memorize as fast but are consistent, take classes every week, study on their own, and after a while, they reach an impressive level.

So, in the end, the important thing is always being CONSISTENT. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you don’t continue studying, you will never learn a language. No matter if you are a genius, you still need to spend time learning vocabulary, practicing what you learn, listening to the language, etc.

Learning languages isn’t something you can do without putting in the time. Everyone I know that reaches a good level in a language is consistent and has a habit of studying.

It’s like the tortoise vs. the hare; if you don’t stop, you will succeed. You can apply this to everything in life. With language learning, consistency is key🔑.

If you need help finding time to study a language, check out my article for a few tips.

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