What you should know about September in Thai

by | May 31, 2020 | Vocabulary

September in Thai is กันยายน pronounced gan-yaa-yon. Like all months (เดือน deuan) in Thai that have 30 days, it ends with ยน (yon).

The abbreviated version of กันยายน is ก.ย.

The beginning of กันยายน is กันย์ (gan) coming from the Virgo Zodiac sign. The reason for this is that months in Thai all come from zodiac signs.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

September in Thai - eat vegetarian

This festival also known as เทศกาลกินเจ (tâyt-sà-gaan gin jay) translates directly to Eat vegetarian festival. Nine Emperor Gods Festival typically happens either in September or October as it depends on when the 9th lunar month of the Chinese Calendar happens.

During this festival, for the nine days, the people participating will abstain from eating meat or dairy products.

Another interesting thing that happens during this festival is some people partake in rituals that typically involve mutilation. Such as slashing themselves, impaling something through their cheeks, etc.

Flag Day

September 28 is Flag day in Thailand. This is the day the current design of Thailand’s flag was made official.

To learn more about Flag day, please visit our article.


I hope you learned how to say September in Thai กันยายน gan-yaa-yon and also learned about The Nine Emperor Gods Festival, and Flag day in Thailand.

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