What you should know about July in Thai

by | May 29, 2020 | Vocabulary

July in Thai is กรกฎาคม pronounced gà-rá-gà-daa-kom. Like all months (เดือน deuan) in Thai that have 31 days, it ends with คม (kom).

The abbreviated version of กรกฎาคม is ก.ค.

The beginning of กรกฎาคม is กรกฎ (gor-rá-gòt) meaning crab coming from the Cancer Zodiac sign. The reason for this is that months in Thai all come from zodiac signs.

Asalha Puja

Asalha Puja also known as อาสาฬหบูชา aa-săan-ká-boo-chaa is a Buddhist Holiday in which normally takes place in July. This year it will happen on July 4th 2020. Asalha Puja is a celebration of the day Buddha gave his first sermon where he talked about the four noble truths.

Buddhist Lent

July in Thai - Buddhist Lent

Buddhist Lent also known as เข้าพรรษา kâo pan-săa starts the day after Asalha Puja.

During Buddhist Lent monks must stay in one place throughout the rainy season for a period of 3 months.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday

Thai king in Thailand is called ในหลวง(nai lŭang) which literally means ‘In the heart’ . Birthday is (วันเกิด wan gèrt). The current king of Thailand was born July 28, 1952.


I hope you learned how to say July in Thai กรกฎาคม gà-rá-gà-daa-kom and also learned about holidays during July.

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