What you should know about August in Thai

by | May 28, 2020 | Vocabulary

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August in Thai is สิงหาคม pronounced sĭng-hăa kom. Like all months (เดือน deuan) in Thai that have 31 days, it ends with คม (kom).

The abbreviated version of สิงหาคม is ส.ค.

The beginning of สิงหาคม is สิงห์ (sĭng) coming from the Leo Zodiac sign. The reason for this is that months in Thai all come from zodiac signs.

Mother’s Day

August in Thai - Queen Sirikit - Mother's day

Mother’s day (วันแม่ wan mâe) in Thailand happens on April 12. It celebrates the birthday of Queen Sirikit who is the Queen Mother of Thailand.


I hope you learned how to say August in Thai สิงหาคม sĭng-hăa kom and also learned about Mother’s day in Thailand.