Flag day in Thai 🇹🇭

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Every country has a different flag day. In the USA, Flag day is on June 14.

In Thailand, Flag day is on September 28. Flag day in Thai is วันพระราชทานธงชาติไทย (wan prá râat taan tong-châat-tai).

วัน (wan) means day.
พระราชทาน (prá râat taan) is a royal word meaning to give the flag.
ธงชาติไทย (tong-châat-tai) means Thai national flag.
ธง (tong) by itself is flag.
ชาติไทย (châat-tai) means Thai nation.

Flag day became official on September 28, 1917, as its the day the current design became official by Royal Decree from King Rama VI.

For Flag day (in general) you can just say วันธง (wan tong).

Flag day in Thai

Information about the Thai Flag

The Thai flag 🇹🇭 has 5 horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripes are colored red, the inner top and bottom stripes are colored white, and the middle stripe is blue.

Did you know, the flag used to have an Elephant 🐘 in it? The elephant was removed from the flag due to the king noticing the difficulty people had ordering the flag from other countries and also the flag was sometimes positioned upside (with the elephant upside down).

To learn more about the history of the Thai flag, please visit our article.

Thailand's old flag
One of Thailand’s old flag 1843–1893From Wikimedia Commons,

Flag / Flag day vocabulary

  • Flag

  • Stripes
  • Stripes
    sâyn tàep

  • Colors

  • Red
    sĕe daeng

  • White
    sĕe kăao
  • Blue
    sĕe náam ngern

  • Pole

  • Waving

  • Raise the flag (by pulling the string)
    chák tong

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