How to use ซะเมื่อไร to be playful in Thai

by | Dec 3, 2020 | advanced Thai Tips, Thai, Vocabulary

One of the words that I always said when I was younger was ซะเมื่อไร (sá mêua rai) when I was playing with my brother.

ซะเมื่อไร (sá mêua rai) is a fixed expression which functions to reverse the meaning of everything you said earlier.

It’s equivalent to saying NOT! at the end of a sentence in English – negating everything you just said.

ซะเมื่อไร - Sa Meua Rai

Let’s see some examples

  • Pee Nui is so beautiful…Not! (I mean the reverse!)
    pêe-núi-sŭay jang loie · sá mêua rai

  • Can I help you?…Not! (I don’t mean what I said)
    chûay măi · sá mêua rai

The ซะเมื่อไร used above has a childish tone. You would not say it in a formal setting. If you consider yourself a playful person don’t forget to put this into the list of your vocabulary.

ซะเมื่อไร can also be used in a spoken language in a serious manner to counter other’s opinion and really stress what you are saying.


  • Michael Jackson is Thai right?
    mai-kern-jàek-san bpen kon tai châi măi

    NO! HE IS NOT. He is American. (aka what you just said is ridiculous, how can you not know that he is American)
    ใช่ซะเมื่อไรละ เขาเป็นคนอเมริกา
    châi sá mêua rai lá · kăo bpen kon à-may-rí-gaa

I hope you now know what ซะเมื่อไร means. You can apply this word to everyday usage to sound more Thai!

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