Difference between นี่ and นี้ (this in Thai)

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Vocabulary

If you look in a dictionary for the word “this” you will see these 2 options นี่ and นี้ (nêe and née). Let me explain to you the differences between them so you know when to use each.

The differences between นี่ and นี้

  1. Pronunciation

    นี้ (nêe) is pronounced with a rising tone.
    นี่ (nêe) is pronounced with a falling tone.

  2. Meaning

    นี้ is used when talking about a particular/ specific item. นี้ comes after the classifier. So instead of English where it would be “this person”, in Thai, it would be “person this”. Let’s look at some examples:

    * this person: คนคนนี้: kon kon née (classifier for a person is kon)
    * this car: รถคันนี้: rót-kan-née (classifier for a car is kan)
    * this item: เก้าอี้อันนี้: gâo-êe an née (classifier for most objects is an)

    นี่ on the other hand is used when talking about this in general. Let’s look at some examples:

    * this is mine: นี่ของฉัน: nêe kŏng chăn
    * this is a dog: นี่คือหมา: nêe keu măa
    * I ate this: ฉันกินนี่: chăn gin nêe

Let’s see some more examples with นี่ and นี้

  • This (นี่) is a bottle and this (นี้) bottle is filled with water
    nêe keu kùat láe kà-wót-née dtem bpai dûay náam

  • This (นี่) is hard because this (นี้) teacher didn’t teach this (นี้) subject well
    นี่มันยากเลยนะ เพราะว่าครูคนนี้สอนวิชานี้ไม่ดี
    nêe man yâak mâak loie ná prór wâa kroo-kon-née sŏn wí-chaa-née-mâi-dee

  • This (นี้) animal is a cat
    sàt dtua née keu maew

  • This (นี้) paper is white
    grà-dàat-pàen-née bpen sĕe kăao

  • This (นี่) is a big cat
    nêe keu maew dtua-yài

  • What is this (นี่)?
    nêe keu à-rai

I hope you now understand how to properly say “this” and know the difference นี่ and นี้ (nêe and née) in Thai.


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