Different ways to say ‘to steal in Thai’ | (ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์)

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Let’s learn the differences between ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์ (kà-moi, bplôn, jêe, wîng raao, ching sáp) in order to say to rob, to snatch, to steal in Thai.

Steal in thai (ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์)

ขโมย (kà-moi) / ลัก (lák)

ขโมย (kà-moi) has two meaning. The first meaning is a thief, someone who steals. The second meaning is to steal. It’s an action when someone takes something from you when you don’t see them.


  • The thief stole my 50 bath
    มีโขมยโขมยเงินฉันไป 50 บาท
    mee kà-moi kà-moi ngern chăn bpai · hâa-sìp · bàat

  • You are holding the bag this way, be careful, things might get stolen.
    tĕu grà-bpăo bàep née rá-wang dohn kà-moi kŏng ná

ลัก (lák) also means to steal. You can use it, although ขโมย (kà-moi) is more commonly used.


  • You put your things like this, be careful someone might steal it.
    waang kŏng wái bàep née rá-wang mee kon lák bpai ná

  • The car got stolen at night
    rót tòok lák bpai dtor nók laang keun

Both words can be combined to create a double word ลักขโมย (lák kà-moi) and the meaning remains as “to steal”. Let’s take a look at some examples:


  • Those that like to steal other people’s stuff will get caught soon.
    พวกที่ชอบลักขโมยของคนอื่น อีกไม่นานก็จะถูกจับ
    pûak têe chôp lák kà-moi kŏng kon èun èek mâi naan gôr jà tòok jàp

  • During the night someone stole the cow.
    dton glaang keun mee kon maa lák kà-moi wua bpai

ปล้น (bplôn)

ปล้น (bplôn) means to ‘rob’. Usually, this word brings a picture of gun and force.


  • Two thieves are helping each other rob the bank.
    mee john sŏng-kon-chûay gan bplôn tá-naa-kaan

  • The bank was robbed by a thief who was a bank employee.
    tá-naa-kaan tòok bplôn doi john sêung bpen pá-nák ngaan kŏng tá-naa-kaan ayng

จี้ (jêe)

จี้ (jêe) is when you get robbed but the thief whispers in your ear so that no one will hear. They have a gun right next to your rib and you have to hand them your gold necklace.


  • Yesterday my mother’s gold necklace was robbed
    mêua waan mâe tòok jêe ao sôy-tong bpai

  • You are a woman driving alone, you have to lock the car. Or else someone is going to rob the car.
    เป็นผู้หญิงขับรถคนเดียวต้องล็อกรถดีๆนะ เดี๋ยวจะมีคนมาจี้ชิงรถไป
    bpen pôo yĭng kàp rót kon dieow dtông lók rót dee dee ná dĭeow jà mee kon maa-jêe ching rót bpai

วิ่งราว (wîng raao)

วิ่ง (wîng) means to run 🏃🏻‍♂️. This type of stealing is when someone runs and snatches your bag, watch, necklace, phone, etc by force.


  • Be careful, there are a lot of purse snatchers around here.
    ระวังนะ แถวนี้มีคนวิ่งราวเยอะ
    rá-wang ná tăew-née mee kon wîng raao yúh

  • Yesterday a purse snatcher snatched the bag away
    mêua waan mee kon wîng raao grà-châak grà-bpăo bpai

ชิงทรัพย์ (ching sáp)

ชิง (ching) means to take away or to snatch by force. ทรัพย์ means property. This means that จิ้ (jêe), ปล้น (bplôn), วิ่งราว (wîng raao), are all forms of ชิงทรัพท์ (ching sáp). In the news you often see 2-3 of these words used together.


  • There was a robbery on sukumvit road
    เกิดเหตุการณ์ จี้ชิงทรัพย์ขึ้นที่ถนนสุขุมวิท
    gèrt hàyt gaan jêe ching sáp kêun têe tà-nŏn sù-kŭm-wít

  • Two thieves attacked and robbed the bank of Thailand
    kon-ráai-sŏng-kon bùk bplôn jêe ching sáp tá-naa-kaan hàeng bprà-tâyt tai

การโจรกรรม (gaan joh rá-gam)

Have you ever watched a movie like “money heist” or “now you see me”? These are all examples of การโจรกรรม (gaan joh rá-gam). It means a well-planned robbery. We usually think of a planned attack that involves a big sum of money and a big team of experts.


  • Protect from information robbery.
    bpông gan jàak gaan john rá-gam kôr moon

  • Cross border gang of car robbers.
    gaeng john rá-gam rót-kâam-châat

You should now know the differences between ขโมย, ปล้น, จี้, วิ่งราว, ชิงทรัพย์ (kà-moi, bplôn, jêe, wîng raao, ching sáp) in order to properly say to steal in Thai.

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