Private Parts in Thai (How to say penis and vagina)

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Talking about sexual organs / private parts in Thai is often a taboo topic. For the sake of education, I will teach you.

Private parts in Thai

Male Private Part

Let’s start off with the word penis. In Thai there are few ways to say it.

จู๋ jŏo

This is the most common way to say penis. Most people use it in normal everyday vocabulary.

อวัยวะเพศชาย à-wai-wá pâyt chaai

This word is very formal. It literally means male’s sexual organ. You will see this word in magazines and newspapers.

น้องชาย nóng chaai

Literally means little brother. I read this in a magazine about how to take care of your sexual health. This is a very cute and kind way of saying penis.

เป้า bpâo

This literally mean target. You can use it to refer to penis in a less direct way.

ควย kuay

This is an impolite way of saying penis. It is very impolite and can be used as a swear word.

Female Private part

Next I want to talk about vagina in Thai. Same with penis, there are many ways to say it. Let’s take a look

จิ๋ม jĭm

This word is paired with จู๋. It’s the most common way of saying vagina.

อวัยวะเพศหญิง à-wai-yá-wá pâyt yĭng

Literally, this word means women’s sexual organ. You don’t hear it much in everyday conversation because it’s too formal.

ปิ๊ bpí

This is another cute way of saying vagina. When I was a kid that was the only word I used because that’s how my mom referred to it.

น้องสาว nóng săao

Literally means little sister. I have read magazines that call vagina a little sister. It’s a very kind and polite way of saying the word.

หอย hŏi

Literally means shell fish 🦪. This word can be a swear word. It’s at the same level of rudeness with ควย kuay. This word originates from the similarity of the female sexual organ with a clam.

Other private parts

  • testicles : อัณฑะ, ไข่ an-tá, kài

  • nipple: หัวนม hŭa nom

  • Breasts: หน้าอก nâa òk

  • Boobs / tits : นม nom

  • Clitoris: คลิตอริส klí-dtor-rít

  • asshole: รูก้น, รูตูด roo gôn · roo dtòot

  • pubic hair: หมอย mŏi

I recommend, if you are going to talk about private parts in Thai, stick to the words จู๋ jŏo and จิ๋ม jĭm for penis and vagina respectively.

Be careful with the curse words ❗️

If you want to learn how to say the organs or the rest of your body parts in Thai , please see the linked articles.

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