How to say there is and there are in Thai | Meaning of มี

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Thai, Vocabulary

In this article, we are going to learn all the definitions of มี (mee) including there is and there are.

Meaning of มี

To have

One of the top verbs that you must know when first starting to learn Thai is มี (mee).

มี (mee) means “to have”, as in to possess something. (it’s not ‘to have’ as in have a good time).


  • I have a dog.
    pŏm mee măa

  • The dog has fur.
    măa mee kŏn

There is, There are

We use there is and there are to say that something exists. In Thai, there is no difference between there is and there are.

Whether it is plural or singular, we just the word มี (mee).

  • There are lots of people
    mee kon yúh mâak

  • Is there an ice-cream with vanilla flavor?
    mee ai-dtim rót wá-ní laa măi

  • Is there something bothering you?
    mee à-rai róp guan jai kun rĕu bplào

  • There is a shoe on the ground.
    mee rong táo yòo bon péun

Bonus expressions with มี

  • What is there? What happened?
    mee à-rai

  • Someone told me that
    mee kon bòk wâa

  • Someone said that
    mee kon pôot wâa

  • One day,…
    mee wan nèung

One interesting fact is that a lot of Thai people will use the word ‘have’ for ‘there is’ or ‘there are’.

For example, ‘HAVE one time I was at the hospital’. This means ‘ THERE IS one time that I was at the hospital.

So don’t get confused when Thai people use the word have at the beginning of the sentence to mean there is or there are.

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