Bathroom words in Thai

by | Jan 3, 2021 | Thai, Vocabulary

In this article, I will teach you bathroom-related words (including how to say you need to do number 1 or number 2 in Thai!).

Bathroom words in Thai

How to say poop and pee in Thai

  • Poop/To poop/To shit
    อึ (èu)
    ขี้ (kêe)

  • Pee/piss/To pee
    ชิ้งฉ่อง (chíng-chòng)
    เยี่ยว (yîeow)

  • Stools/feces

  • Urine

You might have noticed there are a few words for pee and poop. The “Cutest” word for poop (like if you want to tell a kid to poop) would be อึ (èu). The “cutest” one for pee is ชิ้งฉ่อง (chíng-chòng).

How to say you need to do number 1 or number 2 in Thai

When you want to express that you feel the urge to do number 1 or 2, in Thai, we use the word ปวด (bpùat) which also mean pain, hurt. Let’s see some examples.

  • I have to poop/I need to go number 2
    ปวดอึ (bpùat èu), ปวดขี้ (bpùat kêe)

  • I have to pee/I need to go number 1
    ปวดฉี่ (bpùat chèe), ปวดเยี่ยว (bpùat yîeow)

Another way to say you want to poop is ปวดหนัก (bpùat nàk) and you want to pee is ปวดเบา (bpùat bao). But these are mostly used if you go see a doctor.

Other bathroom-related vocabulary in Thai

First, let’s start with some important vocabulary.

  • Bathroom
    hông náam

  • Male bathroom
    hông náam chaai

  • Female Bathroom
    hông náam yĭng

  • Toilet bowl🚽
    tŏh sûam
    chák krôhk

  • Squat toilet
    tŏh sûam nâng yong

  • Toilet paper 🧻

  • To flush
    gòt chák krôhk

  • Bum gun
    têe chèet gôn

  • Soap

  • Sink

  • Water

How to say bathroom in Thai

The most commonly used word to say bathroom in Thai is ห้องน้ำ (hông náam). This is the word you will use and hear the most and the one I recommend you learn. It literally means water room. Water is น้ำ náam and room is ห้อง hông.

But you might have noticed there are 2 other ways to say bathroom in Thai.

ส้วม (sûam) is considered a bit rude. This is because ส้วม comes from โถส้วม (tŏh sûam) which means toilet bowl. So when you use ส้วม to refer to the bathroom, it’s like calling the bathroom a toilet bowl. ห้องน้ำ (hông náam) “Water room” is much nicer.

Lastly, สุขา is like the equivalent of lavatory in English. It’s considered formal.

How to ask to use the bathroom in Thai

Let’s look at some common sentences related to using the bathroom in Thai

  • Where is the bathroom?
    hông náam yòo năi

  • May I use the bathroom?
    kŏr chái hông náam dâai măi

  • Wash your hands after using the bathroom.
    láang meu lăng chái hông náam

  • I need to do number 1.

  • I need to pee!!
    dtông chèe

Different toilet experience in Thailand!

In Thailand, you will find many places that have a squatting toilet instead of the normal toilets you might be used to.

A squatting toilet is basically a hole in the ground.

For example, in gas stations, I usually see these types of toilets. If you are not used to these toilets it will definitely be a weird experience! But honestly, it’s not bad. I found this good article for you if you want to learn more!

Squat toilet

Another thing to note is that in a lot of places in Thailand you might not find toilet paper. This is because “bum guns” or water guns to clean your butt is very popular in Thailand. You will find “bum guns” in most homes.

Another thing you might encounter is a bucket with a scoop to clean your butt. In this situation, you are expected to use one hand to scoop the water and your other hand to clean yourself.

I hope you now have all the necessary vocabulary to talk about going and using the bathroom in the Thai language.

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