How to use the expression จะตาย

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Thai, expressions

จะตาย (jà dtaai) is used to negate the first thing someone said strongly. For example, if someone says it is cold, but really it’s hot. You would say “it’s hot jà dtaai“.

จะตาย means ‘it’s not that at all, in fact, it’s soo ….’. It almost like an exaggeration to state the opposite of what another person said. It can be used in both positive and negative meanings.

Literally, จะ () means will and ตาย (dtaai) means to die. Therefore, the non-expression meaning of this phrase is “will die”.

จะตาย - meaning in Thai

Let’s take a look at some examples of this expression to understand this better.

  • It’s so cold today.
    wan-née-năao jang loie

    What cold? It’s extremely hot!
    หนาวอะไร วันนี้ร้อนจะตาย
    năa · à-rai ? wan-née-rón jà dtaai

  • This dog is so big.
    măa-dtua-née dtua-yài jang

    I don’t see that it’s big at all! The dog in my house is even bigger.
    ไม่เห็นใหญ่เลย ตัวเล็กจะตาย หมาที่บ้านฉันใหญ่กว่านี้อีก
    mâi hĕn yài loie · dtua lék jà dtaai · măa têe bâan chăn yài gwàa née èek

  • I don’t think I play the guitar well.
    chăn kít wâa chăn lâyn gee-dtâa mâi gàyng

    You play super well, you can play so many chords.
    gàyng jà dtaai lâyn dâai dtâng lăai-kòt

  • I think Thai is too hard.
    róo sèuk paa-săa-tai-yâak gern bpai

    Too easy! I have studied for 3 years and I speak well already.
    ง่ายจะตาย ฉันเรียนแค่ 3 ปีก็พูดเก่งแล้ว
    ngâai jà dtaai · chăn rian kâe săam bpee gôr pôot gàyng láew

I hope you now understand how to use จะตาย (jà dtaai).

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