How to say ‘Addicted to something’ in Thai

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Vocabulary

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The word ติด (dtìt) has many meanings. It can mean to be stuck, to be addicted, and is used as a compound word in many Thai words (such as ติดต่อ dtìt dtòr (to contact), ติดตั้ง dtìt dtâng (to set up / install), รถติด rót dtìt (traffic jam), etc.

However, in this post, you will learn about using the word ติด dtìt to say ‘addicted to something’ in Thai.

For example:

  • ติดยา dtìt yaa : Addicted to drugs

  • ติดเพื่อน dtìt pêuan : Addicted to friends

  • ติดแฟน dtìt faen : addicted to boyfriend / girlfriend

  • ติดข่าว dtìt kàao : addicted to the news

  • ติดยา sàyp dtìt : addicted to drug

  • ติดบุหรี่ dtìt bù-rèe : addicted to cigarettes

  • ติดเหล้า dtìt sù-raa : alcoholic

You now know how to say ‘addicted to something’ in Thai. You simply add ติด before the noun.