Difference between ไม่เคย and ไม่มีวัน

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Vocabulary

In this post, we will learn how to use the following words ไม่เคย and ไม่มีวัน (mâi koie and mâi mee wan) and the differences between the 2 words. Both words technically mean “never” but they are used differently.

The quick answer is ไม่เคย (mâi koie) is to say you have never done something while ไม่มีวัน (mâi mee wan) is you will never do something.

It is the difference between: I have never drank beer (ฉันไม่เคยดื่มเบียร์เลย chăn mâi koie dèum bia loie) and I will never drink beer (ฉันไม่มีวันจะดื่มเบียร์ chăn mâi mee wan jà dèum bia).


ไม่เคย is used when you want to say you have never done something.

For example

  • I never ate Peruvian food before.
    chăn mâi koie gin aa-hăan bpay-roo maa gòn

  • I never studied Italian before.
    chăn mâi koie rian paa-săa ì-dtaa-lian maa gòn

  • I never driven a car before.
    chăn mâi koie kàp rót maa gòn

  • I never met him before.
    chăn mâi koie jer kăo maa gòn


ไม่มีวัน Is used when you want to say that something WILL never happen or has no chance of happening.

For example:

  • ฉันไม่มีวันจะกินมันอีก
    chăn mâi mee wan jà gin man èek
    I will never eat that again.

  • I will never watch a scary movie.
    chăn mâi mee wan jà doo năng nâa glua

  • I will never get drunk again.
    chăn mâi mee wan jà mao èek

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