Different meanings of the word ตา (dtaa)

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Vocabulary

In this post you will learn different meanings of the word ตา (dtaa).

The most common meaning that everyone probably knows is eye or eyes but ตา also has other meanings.

1. Eye and eye-related words

Thai eyes

The first meaning is “eyes”. There are also many words regarding ‘eyes’ that contain the word ตา

For example:

  • ตาบอด dtaa bòt : blind

  • ลืมตา leum dtaa : open your eyes

  • หลับตา làp dtaa : close your eyes

  • แว่นตา wâen dtaa : glasses

  • สะดุดตา sà-dùt dtaa : to be noticeable

  • สายตา săai dtaa : eyesight

  • สบตา sòp dtaa : to make eye contact

2. Turn (in a game)

A second meaning of the word ตา is “a turn”.

For example, if you are playing a game and you want to say “it is your turn” – you would say ตาของคุณ (dtaa kŏng kun).

3. Maternal Grandfather

If you want to say Maternal Grandfather in Thai you use the word ตา (dtaa). For example, “my grandfather is old” – ตาของฉันแก่ dtaa kŏng chăn gàe

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