Different ways to say hair in Thai

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Vocabulary

There are 2 ways to say Hair in Thai. The words are ผม pŏm and ขน kŏn.  Do you know what the difference is?

ผม pŏm

ผม is when you are talking about the hair on your head.

hair ผม

For example:

  • hair cut
    dtàt pŏm

  • Your hair is smooth
    pŏm kŏng kun rîap

ขน kŏn

ขน is when you are talking about the hair NOT on your head. For example, the hair on your leg or the hair on your arm.
It is also what you call the hair / fur on animals.

For example:

  • Feather
    kŏn nók

  • Fur

  • hair standing on edge, goosebumps
    kŏn lúk sôo

  • The hair on your arm
    kŏn bon kăen kun

  • The dog’s fur is shiny
    kŏn kŏng măa man waao

I hope you now understand the differences between ผม pŏm and ขน kŏn.

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