Differences between ทำ and ทำให้ (tam and tamhai)

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Vocabulary

Let’s discover some differences between the word ทำ and ทำให้ (tam and tamhai)

ทำ (tam) to do

we use ‘tam‘ to simply mean to do. Though it can be combined with other words to create another verb such as ทำ + อาหาร (do + food) = to cook or ทำ + งาน (do + work) = to work


  • I cook Thai food
    chăn tam aa-hăan tai

  • I do homework
    chăn tam gaan bâan

  • I work
    chăn tam ngaan

ทำให้ to make (not as in to build)

When one thing makes another thing a certain way, you will use the word ทำให้ (tamhai).


  • Homework makes me tired.
    gaan bâan tam hâi chăn nèuay

  • I make my younger sibling cry.
    chăn tam hâi nóng róng hâi

  • You make me happy
    kun tam hâi chăn mee kwaam sùk

The difference between ทำ and ทำให้ (tam and tamhai) is an issue I noticed a lot of new students mix up. I hope my article helped you understand the difference.

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