Compound words in Thai – Huge List of useful compound words

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Vocabulary, Patterns

A really cool part about the Thai language is that there are so many words that are composed of more than 1 word. This means that you might know more words than you think you know! You just have to put them together.

I gave some examples of this in my article about Why Thai isn’t as hard as you think but here I will show you even more compound words in Thai.

Compound words in Thai

ถุงมือ (tŭng meu) = Gloves
Consists of ถุง meaning bag and มือ meaning hand

ถุงเท้า (tŭng táo) = Socks
Consists of ถุง meaning bag and เท้า meaning foot

หูฟัง (hŏo fang) = Headphones
Consists of หู meaning to hear and ฟัง meaning to listen

หายาก (hăa yâak) = Rare
Consists of หา meaning to find and ยาก meaning hard

เข้าใจ (kâo jai) = To understand
Consists of เข้า meaning to enter and ใจ meaning heart

ค่าใช้จ่าย (kâa chái jàai) = Expenses
Consists of ค่า meaning price ใช้ meaning to use and จ่าย meaning to pay

ค่าจ้าง (kâa jâang) = Wages
Consists of ค่า meaning price and จ้าง meaning to employ / to hire

ฉีกหน้า (chèek nâa) = To humiliate
Consists of ฉีก meaning to tear and หน้า meaning face

ฤดูร้อน (réu-doo rón) = Summer (in fact all the seasons follow this pattern)
Consists of ฤดู meaning season and ร้อน meaning hot

สร้างภาพ (sâang pâap) = to form an idea
Consists of สร้าง meaning to create and ภาพ meaning image

ลองผิดลองถูก (long pìt long tòok) = to use trial and error
Consists of ลอง meaning to try ผิด meaning incorrect / wrong and ถูก meaning correct

ภูเขาไฟ (poo kăo fai) = Volcano
Consists of ภูเขา meaning mountain and ไฟ meaning fire

น้ำจิ้ม (náam jîm) = Sauce
Consists of น้ำ meaning water and จิ้ม meaning to dip

ตาสว่าง (dtaa sà-wàang) = to finally realize something
Consists of ตา meaning eye and สว่าง meaning bright

ใจกว้าง (jai gwâang) = Generous
Consists of ใจ meaning heart and กว้าง meaning wide

ผู้ก่อการร้าย (pôo gòr gaan ráai) = Terrorist
Consists of ผู้ meaning person ก่อการ meaning to start / initiate and ร้าย meaning evil

สิ่งกีดขวาง (sìng gèet kwăang) = roadblock / barrier
Consists of สิ่ง meaning thing and กีดขวาง meaning to obstruct

ขัดจังหวะ (kàt jang-wà) = To interrupt
Consists of ขัด meaning to go against and จังหวะ meaning rhythm

ย้อนยุค (yón yúk) = Retro
Consists of ย้อน meaning to turn / come back and ยุค meaning era.

ผ่าตัด (pàa dtàt) = To have surgery
Consists of ผ่า meaning to chop and ตัด meaning to cut

ขอทาน (kŏr taan) = Beggar
Consists of ขอ meaning to ask for and ทาน meaning alms

มุมมอง (mum mong) = Perspective
Consists of มุม meaning corner and มอง meaning to look

แผ่นดินไหว (pàen din wăi) = Earthquake
Consists of แผ่นดิน meaning land and ไหว meaning to shake


There are soooo many more compound words in Thai like these where you probably know each word separately but didn’t know that if you put them together it creates another word.

One way you can find more compound words is by putting words you know in the thai2english dictionary. If there are compound words, they will appear under the components section.


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