Different ways to say big in Thai (โต, ใหญ่, เบ้อเริ่ม, มโหฬาร, มหึมา)

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There are many ways to say Big in Thai. I am sure you know the most common way which is ใหญ่ yài and โต dtoh. But there are other words which you can use to express a different level of big, words such as มโหฬาร má-hŏh-laan, เบ้อเริ่ม bêr rêrm, มหึมา má-hèu-maa.

In this article, I will show you when to use each and any subtle differences between them.

Levels of big in Thai โต, มโหฬาร, เบ้อเริ่ม, มหึมา

I have a video about this topic too.

ใหญ่ yài = Big, Large

As mentioned above, this is the word everyone knows. It simply means big or large, you would use it the same way you use big in English. Let’s see some examples below:


  1. I want to eat a big piece of chicken.
    chăn yàak gin gài chín-yài

  2. It’s not a big deal.
    man mâi châi rêuang yài

โต dtoh = Big, Large, Grown up

โต is another way to say large. Usually, โต comes after a classifier. Also, a lot of times โต is used to talk about a person being grown up.


  1. Make big eyes
    tam dtaa dtoh

  2. Big eyes
    dtàa duang-dtoh

  3. A big bouquet of flowers
    dòk mái chôr-dtoh

  4. You are grown up now, you should know better.
    kun dtoh láew kun kuan jà róo dee gwàa

เบ้อเริ่ม bêr rêrm = Large, Gigantic, huge

เบ้อเริ่ม is a step above ใหญ่ yài in terms of how big something is. It is more like huge and gigantic. Let’s see some examples.


  1. That is a huge book.
    năng-sĕu nân bêr rêrm mâak

  2. That elephant was gigantic. I felt like an ant.
    ช้างตัวนั้นเบ้อเริ่ม ฉันรู้สึกเหมือนเป็นมด
    cháang-dtua-nán-bêr-rêrm chăn róo sèuk mĕuan bpen mót

มโหฬาร má-hŏh-laan = Immense, gigantic, vast

มโหฬาร is a step above the previous word เบ้อเริ่ม bêr rêrm. Using มโหฬาร gives a feeling of something being immense. Let’s see some examples.


  1. The enormous stadium can accommodate thousands of people.
    sà-năam gee-laa kà-nàat má-hŏh-laan săa-mâat jù dâai lăai-pan kon

  2. The boxer lives in a huge mansion.
    nák muay aa-săi yòo nai ká-réu-hàat má-hŏh-laan

มหึมา má-hèu-maa = Enormous, Gigantic, Immense, vast

มหึมา is even a step above all the other words I mentioned below. If something is มหึมา then it is truly huge. Let’s see some examples below:


  1. Planets have an enormous size
    daao krór mee kà-nàat-má-hèu-maa

  2. This enormous army is undefeatable.
    gong-táp-má-hèu-maa-née bpen gong táp têe mâi săa-mâat ao chá-ná dâai


To summarize, big in Thai is ใหญ่ yài. Technically, you can use ใหญ่ to describe anything big and just describe things are very big ใหญ่มาก yài mâak as needed.

However, I recommend using the words explained above มโหฬาร má-hŏh-laan, เบ้อเริ่ม bêr rêrm, มหึมา má-hèu-maa to be more accurate in your descriptions of size.

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