9 Awesome Free Resources for Intermediate and Advanced Thai Learners.

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Thai

In this article, I will go over free resources for intermediate and advanced Thai learners. All the resources mentioned below include the Thai transcript (subtitles).

Once you get past the beginner stage in Thai, I felt it was rather difficult to find good Thai learning material.

A lot of the material out there doesn’t have real spoken Thai so when I tried to understand spoken Thai I had a really difficult time at first. Also, I had a hard time finding resources that included the Thai transcript so that I could follow along when I didn’t understand.

If you are an intermediate or advanced Thai learner, the following are the resources I recommend:

1. Adam Bradshaw Playlist

This playlist called “#KnowItAll” from Adam Bradshaw is a great resource. Adam’s content is actually for Thais wanting to learn English however the majority of his content is in Thai so it is a very helpful resource for Thai learners as well.

I used his content A LOT while learning Thai. Even when I wasn’t advanced I found his content helpful since I knew what the main topic was about.

The great thing about the below playlist is that it has the Thai transcript for each video.

2. Club Friday Show Playlist

The following playlist also has Thai subtitles in all the videos.  It is videos from a Thai talk show called Club Friday SHOW.

If you are an intermediate student then this is a great resource because you get to listen to interviews along with the subtitles.

3. thaideaftv Youtube Channel

The following Channel called “thaideaftv” is intended for Thai people who are deaf.  Because of this most (if not all) of the content has subtitles.

thaideaftv youtube channel

4. Kittichai In Thailand Youtube Channel

A Youtuber named “Kittichai In Thailand” has some great videos where he interviews Thai people on the street. 
He includes the subtitles in some of the videos.
Not all his videos have the Thai transcript however for the ones that do you have to click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the video in order to turn the captions on (as the subtitles are not directly on the video).

This is a great resource for intermediate learners because the interviews are completely spoken Thai which is something a lot of resources lack.

Below I include 3 videos of his videos that have the captions but he might have more.

How to know if a Thai girl likes you? – Interview

What Thai people want for Valentine’s Day? – คุณอยากได้อะไรวันวาเลนไทน์ – Interview

Who pays on the first date? Ask Thai people – ใครจ่ายเดทแรก? Interview

5. Aakanee

Another great resource I used to study Thai was Aakanee.

These audios are all spoken Thai and each audio tells a story.  The audios also come with a transcript. There are a lot of audios to choose from so feel free to pick and choose the topics that interest you

6. Netflix

This option is not technically free but since a lot of people have Netflix I will include it.

Simply search for Thai movies or Thai series on Netflix and you will find content to watch which includes Thai Subtitles.

For me personally, I watch movies and I saw the O-negative series.  I would watch everything in Thai with the Thai subtitles and when I didn’t understand I would switch to English subtitles to fill in the gaps.

Right now there is a show called “stranded” which I started to watch.

This is definitely a fun and great resource for intermediate learners to have fun while learning Thai once you are past the basics.

7. thai2english.com

thai2english.com is my favorite dictionary to look up words I don’t know. It is great because it shows the components of the words and has examples of other words.

8. dict.longdo.com

dict.longdo.com is also another awesome dictionary. The great thing about this one is that it has lots of example sentences with the word you looked up.

9. Thai With Grace Listening Practice and Course

I have a great free resource on my website just for Thai Listening Practice which I will keep updating with new listening practice audios. Also, check out my Youtube Channel as well which contains lots of listening practice in Thai. Each audio has the Thai transcript so keep checking back for more or sign up to our newsletter to get alerted. These audios are perfect for upper beginner and intermediate students.

I also have a paid course for intermediate learners called “Learn Thai through Thai”. It has 6 different main audios with the transcript along with vocabulary explanations all in Thai. Check it out if you want some extra practice!

I hope you find this post helpful and enjoy these free resources for intermediate and advanced Thai Learners!

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