1 Word to Help You Talk to Yourself in Thai

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Vocabulary, Video

Have you ever talked to yourself? Like ahh… where is my key? What should I do? etc.

In Thai, there’s ​one particular word to make what you say sound like you are talking to yourself.

I will help you talk to yourself in Thai with the word: น้อ (nór)

Here are some examples:

  • Should I eat it?
    gin dee măi nór

  • Should I go?
    bpai dee măi nór

  • Should I do it?
    tam dee măi nór

  • Is it good or not?
    dee rĕu bplào nór

  • Should we end here?
    rao jòp têe nêe dee măi nór

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