4 Words to replace “mak” (“VERY”) in Thai

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Video, Vocabulary

Are you tired of using the word มาก (mâak) which means very in THAI? If the answer is yes then this article will be of great benefit to you. Here we will take a look at 4 words you can use as alternatives to มาก (mâak) (Very in Thai).

#1 จังเลย (jang loie)

If you live in Thailand you must have heard of the word jang loie. Thais use it so often unconsciously replacing the word mâak. Let’s take a look at some examples:


  • I like Thai very much.
    chôp paa-săa tai jang loie

  • I play guitar very well.
    lâyn gee-dtâa-gàyng jang loie ká

  • Very happy that I got to meet you.
    dee jai jang loie têe dâai róo jàk

#2 สุดๆ (sùt sùt)

This means the very top, the very end. If something is to the very top then it’s very very super duper. Here are some examples:


  • The food in this restaurant is super delicious.
    aa-hăan têe ráan née à-ròi sùt ๆ loie

  • I have a very bad stomachache.
    bpùat tóng sùt ๆ jing jing ká

  • Today the weather is super good.
    wan née aa-gàat-sà-dee sùt ๆ

#3 โคตร (kôht)

This word is a rude way of saying “very”. Use it when you are with friends that don’t mind bad words.


  • She is very evil.
    ter man kôht-leo

  • The steak in this restaurant is very delicious.
    sadtèk ráan-née kôhtà-ròi

  • I really love my bf / gf.
    rao kôht rák faen

#4 ไปหมด (bpai mòt)

This word means ‘very or completely’. If you want to say this kid is very (completely) good in everything he does. You would preferably use ‘bpai mòt‘ and not มาก (mâak) since ‘mâak‘ feels a bit too weak.


  • This kid is very good at everything.
    dèk-kon-née-gàyng bpai mòt túk yàang

  • Whatever you do you will be very successful.
    tam à-rai gôr săm-rèt bpai mòt

What if your mom likes your brother more than you and you feel like whatever he says, it’s all good. But whatever you say it’s all bad? Here, you can use the word ไปหมด (bpai mòt) to complain

  • Whatever he says is very good but when I speak anything it’s always wrong. Not fair!
    พูดอะไรก็ดีไปหมด แต่ฉันพูดอะไรก็ผิดไปหมด ไม่แฟร์
    pôot à-rai gôr dee bpai mòt · dtàe chăn pôot à-rai gôr pìt bpai mòt · mâi fae

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