When to use ขวบ vs ปี

by | May 7, 2020 | Vocabulary

In Thai, there are 2 ways to say years when referring to someone’s age.

They are ขวบ (kùap) and ปี (bpee). ปี is also the word for year in general.

Do you the difference between the words and know when to use ปี and when to use ขวบ (kùap)?

year in thai


As I mentioned earlier, ปี (bpee) is the regular word for year. But when referring to someone’s age in years you use ปี when the person is over 12 years old. For example:

  • He is 60 years old.
    kăo aa-yú-hòk-sìp-bpee

  • She will turn 39 years old tomorrow.
    prûng-née ter jà aa-yú săam-sìp-gâo bpee


When talking about the age of a child or someone younger than 12 years old you would use ขวบ (kùap).

For example:

  • Right now she is 10 years old.
    dton-née ter aa-yú-sìp-kùap

  • I am 5 years old.
    chăn aa-yú-hâa-kùap


I hope this clarifies any confusion you might have had and now know when to use ขวบ vs ปี (kùap and bpee). To summarize use ขวบ when someone is younger than 12 and use ปี when someone is older than 12 years old.

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