Useful Thai Pattern | ไปด้วย…ไปด้วย (To do something simultaneously in Thai)

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Thai, Patterns

In this post, we will learn a very useful pattern in Thai ไปด้วย…ไปด้วย (bpai dûay · bpai dûay).

Useful Thai Pattern ไปด้วย

This pattern is used when you want to say you are doing 2 things at the same time. For example, watching TV while eating food. I’ll show you all these examples below:


  • Watching TV while eating food
    doo tee wee bpai dûay gin bpai dûay

  • Talking while walking
    pôot bpai dûay dern bpai dûay

  • Studying while listening to music
    rian bpai dûay fang don-dtree bpai dûay

So as you can see the pattern is just:

(activity 1) + ไปด้วย (activity 2) + ไปด้วย

You can also say use words like ระหว่าง (rá-wàang) and ในขณะที่ (nai kà-nà têe) to say you are doing things simultaneously in Thai. However, the pattern I taught you above is very commonly used and more colloquial.

I hope you now know how to say you are doing things at the same time / simultaneously in Thai.

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