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Merhaba, bonjour, hola, anyong-hasaeyo. Hello everybody. In
my videos, I get a lot of comments.

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People keep asking me about how not to lose their 

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Whether you are feeling demotivated because you're feeling
lazy, or you feel like the language is too hard for you, or 
you feel like you are not making any progress.

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In this video, I’m going to tackle that problem, and I’m 
going to give you some practical advice that you can use to
overcome this problem.

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One of the ways to not lose your motivation is to remember 
your goal, the reason why you started learning this 

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It could be, you are learning Japanese because you want to 
understand Japanese movies.

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Maybe you are learning English because you want a better 
future, maybe you are learning languages because you want to
improve yourself.

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When you don’t have a clear goal, it’s easy to get lazy. And
when you get lazy

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you don’t want to study, and when you don’t study, you 
forget words, especially if you are a beginner.

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When you start forgetting words, you feel like you suck, and
then you feel unmotivated again. So see, it’s like a vicious

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Do you know how I came so far in my language learning?

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It’s because I overcame my laziness. And how did I do that? 
I did that by having a very clear goal.

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For me, my goal is to discover the world. So how do I 
discover the world?

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It’s through languages. Because I know and I have faith in 
languages that it will bring me to places I never imagined.

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I will get to go, to meet people that I never imagined I 
would get to meet. Situations that I never imagined, events,
 many things.

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For me, I feel like language is an open ticket for surprises
 that can happen, anything can happen.

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For you, it might be something different, but if you have a 
clear goal and you know what that is. You will be able to
overcome your laziness like I did.

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Another reason that might make you lose motivation is that 
you feel like the language is too hard for you to learn.

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And the hard truth is that it’s hard, languages is hard. It
will take time, so you have to study. There’s no way around 

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You have to invest your time. But just remember that there 
are millions of people that speak this language.

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It’s not like you are the first person, the first foreigner
that speak is learning this language. There are other
foreigners learning this language as well.

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It’s not like there’s only one Michael Jordan. If you put a 
lot of effort into it. If you try really hard, you will get 
there for sure.

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If you are feeling like you are not making any progress, 
actually, one technique that I use to overcome this feeling 
of not feeling motivated is….

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I use a video. I watch a video that I understand about 20%, 
let’s say. And I take all the vocabs that I don’t know. I 
study it.

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And I go over it again and again during the month and then 
at the end of the month, I rewatch it.

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And then I always come back really happy about my progress 
because after a month of studying it, again and again, I 
usually get to about 90 or even 100 percent.

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It doesn’t have to be a video. It can be a book. You can 
choose a chapter from a book or a podcast that you 
understand very little from the beginning.

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And then you keep studying it and studying it during the 
month and you watch it for the last time,

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you read it for the last time. And then you will see that 
you have progressed so much.

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And if you are feeling unmotivated because learning 
languages is boring 

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it’s because you’re not doing it correctly because learning 
languages doesn’t have to be boring.

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There are so many ways to make it fun. You can read articles
 that you like. You can find videos with subtitles on topics
that you want to read.

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There are books, there are songs, there are so many things 
that you can do with languages.

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Of course, there are stuff that you don’t understand, but 
you can treat it like a puzzle and, you know, just have to 
fill in the gap and enjoy this process of learning.

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So to summarize. know why you are learning the language. So 
know what your goals are.

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And create a system that will make learning enjoyable to you
so you don’t want to quit because it’s too boring.

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And then also track your progress because if you track your 
progress you will see that you have improved comparing to 
your past.

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And that makes you less likely to quit learning languages.

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So thank you so much for watching my video. And stay 
motivated, and I will see you in the next video.