Difference between Gao and Kuan (เกา, ข่วน) | How to say to scratch in Thai

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Thai, Vocabulary

I was asked by my Thai Student “What is the difference between เกา and ข่วน?” (gao and kùan). They both mean to scratch but there is a difference.


ข่วน (kùan) means scratch when you get scratched by an animal such as a cat, lion, tiger, etc. Think of the “claws” scratching you. That is the type of scratch ข่วน describes.

Paws - Scratch in Thai


  • His face was scratched by a cat
    nâa káo dohn maew kùan


เกา (gao) is when you scratch because you are itchy.


  • I am scratching my leg because it itches
    pŏm gao kăa yòo prór wâa róo sèuk kan kăa

I hope you now know how to say to scratch in Thai and know the difference between เกา and ข่วน.

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