Different ways to say to fall in Thai

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Thai, Vocabulary

In Thai Language, there are a few ways to say to drop or to fall. I will explain the different ways and when to use each.

To fall in Thai

💡 Keep in mind that a lot of times the word ลง (long) is added after the vocabulary meaning “to fall” because ลง means down. So it’s like saying something fell down.

ตก dtòk

You can use ตก (dtòk) to say something dropped, fell on, fell down into. Let’s see some examples.


  • To rain
    ฝนตก = Literally: Rain + to fall
    fŏn dtòk

  • Shocked
    ตกใจ = Literally: Heart + to fall
    dtòk jai

  • I fell into a hole
    chăn dtòk long bpai nai lŭm

  • I fell from the bicycle
    chăn dtòk jàk-grà-yaan

  • The water bottle fell from my hand
    kùat náam dtòk jàak meu chăn

  • Fall in love
    ฉันตกหลุมรัก (Expression literally meaning: I fell into the love hole)
    chăn dtòk lŭm rák

หล่น lòn

หล่น has pretty much the same meaning as ตก. They are interchangeable.


  • I fell from the bicycle
    chăn lòn jàk-grà-yaan

  • The water bottle fell from my hand
    kùat náam lòn jàak meu chăn

ล้ม lóm

ล้ม is used to mean to trip and fall in Thai. Let’s see examples.


  • I fell yesterday
    mêua waan chăn lóm

  • The floor was slippery so she fell down
    péun lêun ter gôr loie lóm long

ร่วง rûang

ร่วง is used to say something fell or dropped like leaves fell or hair fell.


  • Autumn
    ฤดูใบไม้ร่วง Literally: Leaves falling season
    réu-doo bai mái rûang

  • Women with long hair, their hair falls easily
    pôo yĭng pŏm yaao pà-má-rûang-ngâai

หลุด lùt

This word means to slip off, detach, get loose, and fall. Think of หลุด like something fell from a hook, or you pull on something until it detaches and falls off.


  • The ring fell from my finger
    wăen lùt jàak níw

  • Don’t say it out loud! (Supposed to be a secret)
    yàa lùt bpàak pôot òk bpai

  • The bait fell from the hook
    yèua lùt jàak dtà-kŏr

I hope you learned all the different ways to say to fall in Thai and in which situations you use each word.

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