How to use the word ja in Thai – Meaning of จ้า

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จ้า (jâa) Ja in Thai can be used as a replacement for krap and ka. In case you don’t know, Krap and Ka are particles you add at the end of sentences to sound polite and friendly.

If you want to sound more friendly, and/or more like a rural Thai person, you should try to use the word ‘ja’. Men and women can both use it. Put it at the end of any sentence.

Keep in mind, using ja is not professional, so you wouldn’t say it to your boss.

Ja can be said with different tones (จ๊า (jáa), จ้า (jâa), จ๋า (jăa)) but they all have the same meaning.

Meaning of ja in Thai Language

Let’s see some examples:

  • Hello ja, how are you ja
    สวัสดีจ้า สบายดีไหมจ๊า
    sà-wàt-dee jâa · sà-baai dee măi jáa

  • Mommy ja! I love you
    แม่จ๋า หนูรักแม่นะ
    mâe jăa · nŏo rák mâe-ná

  • Gf/bf ja, today I’m so tired. I want one kiss
    แฟนจ๋า วันนี้เหนื่อยจังขอหนึ่งจุ๊บ
    faen jăa · wan-née-nèuay jang kŏr nèung-júp

You can use this word in any situation ranging from at the market, mom and children relationships, and friends

  • Mom ja, I’m so hungry ja
    mâe jăa nŏo hĭw kâao jâa

  • Ja, I understand ja, I will cook for you ja
    jâa~ mâe kâo jai láew mâe jà tam gàp kâao hâi ná jâa

If you want to sound like a friendly Thai person please try to use ja. As I explained, simply replace krap and ka with ja.

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