Learn Thai Jokes – Part 2

by | Oct 11, 2020 | jokes

Q: ว่ายน้ำท่าอะไร
A: ท่าจะบ้า

Q: wâai náam tâa à-rai 
dtông sài mùak-gan-nók 
A: tâa jà bâa

Joke explanation

This joke is a play on words. The joke translates to:

Q: Which style of swimming do you have to wear a helmet?

A: Seems like you’re crazy

The funny part of the joke is that ท่า (tâa) means “style” but ท่าจะ (tâa jà) means “seems like”. So in the question part of the joke “ท่า” is referring to style, as in “which style of swimming”. For the answer, we are expecting a swimming style like ท่าผีเสื้อ (tâa pĕe sêua) = butterfly style, ท่ากบ (tâa gòp) = frog style

But the answer says “ท่าจะ” which isn’t a style and instead means “seems like”. ท่าจะบ้า (tâa jà bâa) = “seems like you’re crazy” because to wear a helmet while swimming probably makes you crazy 😂 🤣

Thai Joke 2

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