Difference between ผิว and หนัง | How to say skin in Thai

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Thai, Vocabulary

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There are 2 ways to say skin in Thai – they are ผิว and หนัง (pĭw and năng). Do you know the difference between them and when to use each?

Skin in Thai

The meaning of ผิว pĭw

ผิว is used to say skin for humans. In other words, ผิว is the skin on our bodies.


  • You have rough skin
    kun mee pĭw-kà-rù krà

The meaning of หนัง năng

หนัง is the skin of animals.

Please note that eyelid is actually หนังตา, in other words, skin eye.


  • I like to eat chicken skin. 🍗
    chăn chôp gin năng gài

I hope you now know how to properly say skin in Thai. To summarize, human skin is ผิว pĭw and skin for animals is หนัง năng.

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