How to play rock paper scissors in Thai 🔨 📄✂️

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Thai

Playing rock paper scissors 🔨 📄✂️ is the first thing that I remember playing as a child. I still play it with my little brother.

Instead of saying “rock, paper, scissor say shoot”, in Thai, we say:

เป่า ยิง ~~~~~ ฉุบ (bpào · ying · chùp).

We use the same rock, scissor, and paper hand shape and the rules are the same however bpào · ying · chùp doesn’t mean rock nor scissor nor paper.

Literally, เป่า bpào means to blow, ยิง ying means to shoot, and ฉุบ chùp is just like a sound effect.

How to play:

To play we say เป่า ยิง (bpào · ying) and we drag the sound of ying like yiiiiiiiiiiiing, then we say ฉุบ (chùp) that’s when we show our hands with the shape made.

  • ค้อน 🔨: ชนะกรรไกร แต่แพ้กระดาษ = Hammer: Beats scissors but loses against paper.
  • กระดาษ 📄: ชนะค้อน แต่แพ้กรรไกร = Paper: Beats hammer but loses against scissor.
  • กรรไกร ✂️: ชนะกระดาษ แต่แพ้ค้อน = Scissor: Beats paper but loses against hammer.

Notice how in Thai, instead of rock we use Hammer 🔨 (even though we make the same rock-like shape).

Rock Paper scissors in Thai - เป่า ยิง ฉุบ

Have fun playing the Thai version of rock paper scissors (bpào · ying · chùp).

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