Meaning of มั้ง and how to use it

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Thai, Vocabulary

You probably know that maybe in Thai is อาจจะ (àat jà). But did you know มั้ง máng is another colloquial way of saying “maybe”? It adds a degree of uncertainty.

มั้ง máng means maybe, not sure, perhaps. It’s a very Thai way of saying maybe.

The formula is to put มั้ง at the back of a sentence to show uncertainty. When you use มั้ง you kinda show a feeling of not caring.

Meaning of มั้ง

In the following examples, you will learn how to use มั้ง.

Examples of มั้ง

  • Maybe, it is
    châi máng

  • Maybe, you can
    dâai máng

  • Maybe we don’t need to meet
    wan née mâi dtông jer gan gôr dâai máng

  • Why is she not picking up? Probably she is busy
    ทำไม · ไม่รับสาย · สงสัยยุ่งอยู่มั้ง
    tam-mai · mâi ráp săai · sŏng-săi yûng yòo máng

I hope you now know the meaning of มั้ง. Try to use it as it will help you sound very Thai.

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