Learn many words with ห้อง

by | Sep 27, 2020 | Thai

ห้อง (hông) by itself means room. However, in Thai, ห้อง is the classifier for rooms, so it is used as a component in many different words.

For many of them, if you know both components, you can guess the word. You’ll see many examples below!

Room in Thai

Words with ห้อง hông

  • Bathroom
    ห้องน้ำ (room, water)
    hông náam

  • Living Room
    ห้องนั่งเล่น (room, sit, play)
    hông nâng lâyn

  • Bedroom
    ห้องนอน (room, sleep)
    hông non

  • Classroom
    ห้องเรียน (room, study)
    hông rian

  • Kitchen
    hông krua

  • Library
    ห้องสมุด (room, notebook)
    hông sà-mùt

  • Prison Cell
    ห้องขัง (room, to imprison)
    hông kăng

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