How to say grandfather in Thai Language

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Vocabulary

There are 2 ways to say grandfather in Thai. One way is ปู่ bpòo and the other way is ตา dtaa. Let’s learn the difference below.

ปู่ bpòo

ปู่ is used when referring to your grandfather from your father’s side.

ตา dtaa

ตา is used when referring to your grandfather from your mother’s side.

To sound polite you can say คุณ (kun) before ปู่ or ตา. For example คุณปู่ (kun bpòo) or คุณตา (kun dtaa).

Grandfather in Thai


I hope you now know the difference between ปู่ and ตา when talking about your grandpa in Thai. ปู่ bpòo is for talking about father’s side while ตา dtaa is referring to mother’s side.

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