How to talk about your Family in Thai

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Vocabulary

In this article, you will learn the vocabulary to talk about your family in Thai. We will go over the family members and I will provide example sentences.

Family ครอบครัว krôp krua

Family MemberThaiTranlisteration
Brother (Older)พี่ชายpêe chaai
Brother (Younger)น้องชายnóng chaai
Sister (Older)พี่สาวpêe săao
Sister (Younger)น้องสาวnóng săao
Cousinsลูกพี่ลูกน้องlôok pêe lôok nóng
Aunt (mom or dad side and older than them)ป้าbpâa
Aunt (mom’s side and younger than mom)น้าnáa
Aunt (dad’s side and younger than dad)อาaa
Uncle (mom or dad side and older than them)ลุงlung
Uncle (mom’s side and younger than mom)น้าnáa
Uncle (dad side and younger than dad)อาaa
Nephewหลานชายlăan chaai
Nieceหลานสาวlăan săao
Grandma (father’s side)ย่าyâa
Grandma (mother’s side)ยายyaai
Grandfather (father’s side)ปู่bpòo
Grandfather (mother’s side)ตาdtaa

If you want more information, such as other ways Thais might say the family members then click on each link for a more detailed explanation on each family member in Thai.

Family in Thai

Example Sentences

  • I have a large family. I have a younger brother, an older sister, 4 uncles, and 5 aunts.
    ฉันมีครอบครัวใหญ่ ฉันมีน้องชาย 1 คน, พี่สาว 1 คน, ลุง 4 คน, และป้า 5 คน
    chăn mee krôp krua yài · chăn mee nóng chaai nèung kon · pêe săao nèung kon · lung sèe kon láe bpâa hâa kon

  • My grandparents live with my cousins.
    bpòo yâa kŏng chăn aa-săi yòo gàp lôok pêe lôok nóng kŏng chăn

  • My uncle’s niece has 2 younger brothers.
    หลานสาวของลุงฉันมีน้องชาย 2 คน
    lăan săao kŏng lung chăn mee nóng chaai sŏng kon

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