What is อีก in Thai

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Thai

อีก (èek) is used very often in the Thai language and often cause confusion because it can mean a few things. Here I will teach you how to use the word อีก like a native by giving you examples.

What is อีก in Thai


อีก (èek) is often translated as ‘more’.

For example:

  • eat more
    gin èek dâai ná

  • Take more
    ao èek sì


อีก can also mean ‘again’.

The complete word is อีกครั้ง(หนึ่ง) (èek kráng · nèung) or อีกที(หนึ่ง) (èek tee · nèung). ครั้ง and ที means ‘time’ (as in one time, two times, etc.).

Literally, this means 1 more time which English speakers often use the word again.

We often shorten it to อีก (èek).

  • Don’t ever come back again
    yàa glàp maa èek

  • Why do you like this again?
    tam-mai pôot bàep née èek láew


The words ‘another’ and ‘other’ have few variations and one of them is อีก (èek). The formula is อีก + measure word + หนึ่ง (nèung).

The meaning of this is very specific to ‘not this one but another one’. Here we are talking about a specific thing that you just talked about, or heard, saw, etc.

  • Another house (not this one but another one)
    bâan èek lăng nèung

  • I want to buy another car.
    yàak séu rót èek kan nèung

  • I like another woman
    chôp pôo yĭng èek kon nèung

  • I want to work at another place
    yàak tam ngaan èek têe nèung

To summarize, อีก (èek) can mean ‘more’, ‘another/other’, and ‘again’.

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