Criteria when choosing a language teacher

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Language Learning

For me, finding a good language teacher is one of my top priorities. Because although I try my best to self-study, I feel limited and I waste a lot of time doing my own research. Having a good teacher helps me concentrate and also stay consistent.

Finding the perfect language teacher

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One of the ways that works for me every time is to find the right ONLINE teacher that is CONSISTENT that you can AFFORD, and CLICKS with you.

ONLINE: He/She needs to be an online teacher because in this constantly changing world you don’t know where you are going to be in the next few months. Neither does your teacher. If he/she doesn’t teach online, that means there’s a chance that you will be left halfway to your fluency. I always prefer online teachers because I know that I am one click away from my teacher.

CONSISTENCY: Teaching online should be one of their main priorities because if not, there’s a high chance that the teacher will get so caught up with work and have to cancel classes or even close their schedule. If this happens then you will need to start with another teacher which will affect your progress. No consistency means no dedication. You want a dedicated teacher to teach you.

AFFORDABLE: If the teacher seems so professional and you really want him/her but you can’t afford it, what do you do? You can either send a request to please lower the price (I have done this before) or just let go and find the second-best that so you can take the classes more often. Surely, good teachers help you to progress faster but what really determines learning success depends more on your own effort, concentration, and dedication.

CLICKS: A teacher that clicks with you is someone that you want to talk to, that you feel like he/she is ready to listen to you and help you even outside of class. He/she should be someone that you want to visit when you travel to the target country. Because language learning is a long process, you need someone who can be there for you and support you because during this journey occasionally you might lose motivation and a good teacher can pull back to your feet and motivates you to continue this journey.

If you want to find a great online teacher, I recommend italki (that’s where I teach). Use my affiliate link and you will receive a $10 credit.

I hope this helps you find the perfect language teacher.

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