How to say Cheers in Thai 🍻

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Thai

You might go out to drink a Leo or a Singha beer with your Thai friends. Do you know how to say cheers in Thai?

In this article, I will teach you the ways to say cheers and explain what they mean.

Quick answer: The most common ways to say cheers in Thai language is Cheers (pronounced like in English), ชนแก้ว (chon gâew), ไชโย (chai-yoh).

How to say Cheers in Thai 🍻 1

3 ways to say Cheers in Thai

1. Cheers

This is the way me and my friends use the most. Cheers is a loan word from English but it is the word I hear people use the most especially if drinking wine because cheers sounds a little bit more “classy” than chon gâew (the next word).

2. ชนแก้ว (chon gâew)

Another common way to say cheers is ชนแก้ว (chon gâew). ชน (chon) means to crash/collide and แก้ว (gâew) means glasses. So literally to collide the beer glasses together. 🍻

3. ไชโย (chai-yoh)

The last way I’ve heard to say cheers is ไชโย (chai-yoh). This one isn’t used much in casual drinking but mostly used on occasions such as birthday toasts or weddings.

I hope you now know how to say cheers in Thai. Go out, drink 🍺, and have fun with your Thai friends!

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