How to say you can’t wait for something in Thai

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Thai, Patterns

In this article, I will explain how to say “I can’t wait for something” in Thai.

can't wait in thai

In Thai, we use the word ไหว (wăi) to explain that something is do-able and is within the capacity to do it. In contrast, the word ไม่ไหว (mâi wăi) is used to explain the opposite of that.

The pattern is:

1.Verb + wăi

2.Verb + mâi wăi

Can’t wait in Thai

The word for “to wait” is รอ (ror). So to say you “can’t wait for something” in Thai it would be: รอไม่ไหว (ror mâi wăi).

Let’s see some more examples:

  • I can’t wait to meet you! (with enthusiasm)
    ror mâi wăi láew têe jà dâai jer

  • I can’t wait to finish studying
    chăn ror mâi wăi têe jà rian hâi jòp

🔺 A very common mistake is saying รอไม่ได้ (ror mâi dâai). This is incorrect because this would mean you LITERALLY cannot wait.

I hope you understand how to use รอไม่ไหว (ror mâi wăi) to say you can’t wait for something in Thai.

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