Learn many words with น้ำ in Thai

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Vocabulary

น้ำ (náam) by itself means water. However, in Thai, น้ำ is used as a component in many different words.

For many of them, if you know both components, you can guess the word. You’ll see many examples below!

Words with น้ำ náam

  • Kindness
    น้ำใจ (water, heart)
    náam jai

  • Ice
    น้ำแข็ง (water, hard)
    náam kăeng

  • Bathroom
    ห้องน้ำ (room, water)
    hông náam

  • River
    แม่น้ำ (mother, water)
    mâe náam

  • Sugar, Brown
    nám dtaan

  • Waterfall
    น้ำตก (water, fall)
    náam dtòk

  • Canal
    lam náam

  • Gasoline
    náam man

  • To dive
    dam náam

  • Flood
    náam tûam

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