What you should know about November in Thai

by | May 22, 2020 | Vocabulary

November in Thai is พฤศจิกายน pronounced préut-sà-jì-gaa-yon. Like all months (เดือน deuan) in Thai that have 30 days, it ends with ยน (yon).

The abbreviated version of พฤศจิกายน is ..

The beginning of พฤศจิกายน is พฤศจิก (préut-sà-jìk) meaning scorpion coming from the Scorpio Zodiac sign. The reason for this is that months in Thai all come from zodiac signs.

Loy Krathong

กระทง in thai

One of the cool events that happen in Thailand during the month of November is Loy Krathong day วันลอยกระทง (wan loi grà-tong).

Loy (ลอย) means to float and a กระทง (krathong) is a container (usually) made out of banana leaves that floats on the water. The Krathongs usually have candles, flowers, coins, or even food in them.

Loy Krathong is a beautiful festival where Thai people gather around rivers during sunset and let the Krathongs float away. Letting the Krathongs float away symbolizes letting the bad things in your life float away.

Loy Krathong is celebrated during November when it is full moon. This means the exact date isn’t the same every year.

Yi Peng

ยี่เป็ง in thai

Yi Peng ยี่เป็ง is another celebration which is often confused with Loy Krathong because it happens at the same time, during November when it is full moon.

Yi Peng is another beautiful festival where Thai people light up beautiful lanterns so that they float away into the sky. They do this to ask for blessings and good karma and let go of the bad things in their lives.


I hope you learned how to say November in Thai พฤศจิกายน (préut-sà-jì-gaa-yon) and also learned some facts about holidays during November.

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