Possessive Pronouns in Thai

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Thai

Possessive pronouns are, for example, “My mom”, “Mom’s cat”, “Your car”, etc. In Thai, it’s very easy.

How to form Possessive Pronouns in Thai

When it’s a simple sentence, you just say the word and the pronoun. (This is when the context is clear).


  • My mom
    แม่ผม (Literally: mom me)
    mâe pŏm

  • My house
    บ้านฉัน (Literally: House me)
    bâan chăn

  • Your dad
    พ่อเธอ (Literally: dad you)
    pôr ter

  • Whose computer?
    คอมใคร (Literally: computer who)
    kom krai

  • Whose cat is this?
    nêe maew krai

  • Is it Joe’s cat or Mo’s cat?
    maew jôh rĕu maew moh

Possessive pronouns in Thai

Using ของ (kŏng) in Thai to mean “of”

However, when it’s complicated, and the listener might get confused, you should put the word ของ (kŏng), which means “of” to make it clear. 


  • My mom’s computer
    คอมของแม่ฉัน (Literally: computer “of” mom me)
    kom kŏng mâe chăn

  • Our younger sister’s house
    bâan kŏng nóng săao rao

  • The younger brother of my boyfriend’s father
    nóng chaai kŏng pôr kŏng faen rao

To give you a bit more clarity from the first example: “My mom’s computer”, I wrote คอมของแม่ฉัน (literally: computer “of mom me), but it could also be คอมของแม่ของฉัน (or literally: computer “of” mom “of” me). Or if you wanted to, it could just be คอมแม่ฉัน (literally: computer mom me).

I hope this helps you understand possessive pronouns in Thai.

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