How to use เพิ่ง perng

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Thai

เพิ่ง (pêrng) is often used in Thai language. เพิ่ง can mean just or just now.

In different contexts, it can refer to different versions of “just”.

Please note: It does not mean “just” to say “I just have” or “just that?“.

Meaning of เพิ่ง

What is the meaning of เพิ่ง

Let’s take a look at all of the usage of เพิ่ง (pêrng) together.

A while ago / Just now

When we want to talk about a very recent past that something has just happened a while ago we use the word เพิ่ง.

เมื่อกี้ (mêua-gêe) means a while ago and is often used with เพิ่ง when talking about the recent past.


  • I have just gone to find some food a while ago.
    pêrng bpai séu aa-hăan maa

  • I just finished watching the movie.
    (mêua-gêe) pêrng doo năng sèt

Just now

เพิ่ง can also mean ‘now’ but in the sense of “just now” or that it’s already too late.

You can add ตอนนี้ dton-née (meaning now) to the sentences if you want.

  • Why are you telling me just now! (it’s too late already)
    tam mâi pêrng bòk (dton-née)

  • I now understand why I got dumped. (but it’s already too late)
    (dton-née) pêrng kâo jai wâa tam-mai tòok tíng


In order to create a meaning of ‘to realize’ or have ‘just realized’ like in English, in Thai we combine เพิ่ง with the word เห็น (to see) or the word สังเกต (to observe) or the word รู้ตัว (to know oneself, to realize).

  • I’ve just realized that you have blue eyes.
    pêrng săng-gàyt wâa dtaa ter bpen sĕe fáa

  • I have just realized that I forgot to lock it.
    pêrng hĕn wâa leum lók gun-jae

  • I’ve just realized that I’m a good singer.
    pêrng róo dtua wâa dtua ayng róng playng gàyng

First experience

When talking about experiences we use the word เคย (koie).

  • I have eaten Thai food before
    koie gin aa-hăan tai

What about when you want to stress that it is or it was your very first time trying something? We combine the word เพิ่ง and เคย together.

  • I just saw it for the first time.
    pêrng koie hĕn

  • I just went for the first time.
    pêrng koie bpai kráng râek

I hope you now understand the meaning of เพิ่ง (pêrng)

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