How to use แหละ làe in Thai

by | Nov 1, 2020 | advanced Thai Tips, Thai Particles

แหละ (làe) is a Thai particle that you might have heard but aren’t quite sure how to use.

In Thai, there are many particles that change the nuance or even the meaning of the sentences. In this article, I will explain how and when to use แหละ (làe).

Meaning of แหละ

To say “That’s it!”

แหละ is a particle that helps emphasize what you are saying. Like the feeling of saying “this one!, the one right here!, this very one!”.


  • That one!, Exactly that one!, Right there, Yes!
    นั่นแหละ นั่นแหละ ตรงนั้น ใช่เลย
    nân làe · nân làe · dtrong nán · châi loie

  • Do like this. Yes làe! Correct.
    ทำแบบนี้เลย ใช่แล้วแหละ ถูกต้องแล้ว
    tam bàep née loie · châi láew làe · tòok dtông láew

In the above examples, làe is used to emphasize. Without the làe, the sentences would still work but it would sound like something is missing and not sound like a native Thai.

To sound a bit annoyed

Depending on the tone of your voice and context, you can make làe sound like you are a bit annoyed and that you don’t care much about the detail and just want to hurry up and rush.


  • Keep the things here right?
    gèp wái têe nêe châi măi

    Yeah, there làe! We are late, let’s hurry
    เออที่นั่นแหละ · สายแล้วรีบไปกัน
    er têe nân làe · săai láew rêep bpai gan

In the above example, làe adds the feeling of yeah, wherever, it doesn’t matter, let’s just go!

I hope you now know the meaning of แหละ (làe) and are able to use it.

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