Breakdown of Jai words (ใจ jai) for Thai learners

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Thai, Tips, Vocabulary

After 1-3 weeks of learning Thai, you will encounter the word ใจ (jai) over and over again. Even after you become advance you will continue to encounter it all the time, so why not learn it now?

jai words are used a lot for expressing feelings such as I am sad, he is narrow-minded, etc. You need to master jai words if you want to be able to express yourself freely.

When jai is a stand-alone word, it is sometimes translated to ‘heart’, sometimes translated to ‘mind’ depending on the context. For example, พูดในใจ (pôot nai jai) means to speak in one’s mind (to not say it out loud) and เธอจะอยู่ในใจฉันตลอดไป yòo nai jai chăn dtà-lòt bpai means you will be in my heart forever.

In the following word list jai will be attached with another word to form another completely different word. The words in this list are commonly used. Please take a look and study them to bring your Thai up a notch when it comes to expressing feelings.

Jai words in Thai

  • To understand
    เข้าใจ (Literally: to enter, mind)
    kâo jai

  • To be interested
    sŏn jai

  • To be generous
    ใจกว้าง (literally: wide, mind)
    jai gwâang

  • To impress/ be impressive
    (Literally: to imprint, mind)
    bprà-táp jai

  • To be narrow-minded
    ใจแคบ (literally: mind, narrow)
    jai kâep

  • To be impatient/Short-tempered
    ใจร้อน (literally: mind, hot)
    jai rón

  • To be patient
    ใจเย็น (literally: mind, cool)
    jai yen

  • To not easily give in
    ใจแข็ง (Literally: mind, strong)
    jai kăeng

  • To easily give in
    ใจอ่อน (Literally: mind, weak)
    jai òn

  • To be evil
    ใจดำ (Literally: mind, black)
    jai dam

  • Mind wanders off
    ใจลอย (Literally: mind, float)
    jai loi

  • To be nice
    ใจดี (Literally: mind, good)
    jai dee

  • To be relieved
    เบาใจ (Literally: light, heart)
    bao jai

  • To worry
    หนักใจ (Literally: heavy, mind)
    nàk jai

  • To be care-free
    สบายใจ (Literally: comfortable, mind)
    sà-baai jai

  • To cheat on somebody
    นอกใจ (Literally: outside, mind)
    nôk jai

  • To be satisfied
    พอใจ (Literally: sufficient, mind)
    por jai

  • To be shocked
    ตกใจ (Literally: to fall, mind)
    dtòk jai

  • To be confident
    มั่นใจ (Literally: confident, mind)
    mân jai

  • To be certain
    แน่ใจ (Literally: certain, mind)
    nâe jai

  • To misunderstand each other
    ผิดใจ (Literally: wrong, mind)
    pìt jai

  • To be sad/ To feel sorry
    เสียใจ (Literally: to go bad/rot, mind)
    sĭa jai

  • To be extremely sad
    เศร้าใจ (Literally: sad, mind)
    sâo jai

  • To try to make someone satisfy, happy
    เอาใจ (Literally: take, mind)
    ao jai

  • To decide
    ตัดสินใจ (Literally: decide, mind)
    dtàt sĭn jai

  • To be determined, work hard
    ตั้งใจ (Literally: set, mind)
    dtâng jai

  • To let them get what they want
    ตามใจ (Literally: Follow, mind)
    dtaam jai

  • To be hurt (emotionally)
    เจ็บใจ (Literally: Hurt, mind)
    jèp jai

  • To heartache
    ปวดใจ (Literally: pain, mind)
    bpùat jai

  • To change one’s mind
    เปลี่ยนใจ (Literally: To change, mind)
    bplìan jai

  • To be surprised (with curiosity)
    แปลกใจ (Literally: to be strange, mind)
    bplàek jai

  • To trust
    วางใจ (Literally: to place, mind)
    waang jai

  • To be frighteningly shocked
    ใจหาย(หมดเลย) (Literally: disappear, mind)
    jai hăai

  • To be passively angry
    น้อยใจ (Literally: little, mind)
    nói jai

  • To be happy and satisfied
    อิ่มใจ (Literally: to be full, mind)
    ìm jai

  • To sympathize, feel sorry for
    เห็นใจ (Literally: To see, mind)
    hĕn jai

  • To get to know someone’s true nature
    ดูใจ (Literally: To look, mind)
    doo jai

  • To be overly confident that you can get away with anything.
    ได้ใจ (Literally: can, mind)
    dâai jai

  • To be brave
    ใจถึง (Literally: Mind, To reach)
    jai tĕung

  • Center, Middle
    ใจกลาง (Literally: Mind, Center )
    jai glaang

  • To be proud
    ภูมิใจ (Literally: Proud, mind )
    poom jai

  • To be mean
    ใจร้าย (Literally: Mind, evil)
    jai ráai

I hope my explanation on ใจ (jai) words was useful to you. So don’t get confused when you see jai in so many words!

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