How to use the word เนอะ

by | May 9, 2020 | Vocabulary

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เนอะ (núh) is a word or particle that Thai people use when giving an opinion and they are expecting yes as an answer. It is like asking ‘right?’ and expecting the answer to be yes.

For example – if you think the food is delicious and you are seeking confirmation from your friend you can ask: อร่อย เนอะ (à-ròi núh)?
When you use เนอะ you are expecting for them to agree and say that it is delicious (อร่อย).


Let’s see some more examples on how to use the word เนอะ (núh):


  • The weather is good, right?
    aa-gàat dee núh

  • Yesterday was fun, right?
    mêua-waan-sà-nùk núh

  • My mom is nice, right?
    mâe chăn dee núh

Try to use เนอะ (núh) when its appropriate in order to sound more Thai. Most Thai learners would just say “ใช่ไหม (châi măi) ?” which isn’t incorrect but if you use เนอะ you will sound more Thai!